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Culét Jewellery started from humble beginnings, with Jewellery maker and designer Scott Nicols, learning and perfecting his craft in a jewellery workshop, and building to become one of Australasia’s leading jewellery designers. In 2008 he teamed up with designer Dane Rumble, and they decided to officially launch the Culét Brand. After a successful few years, developing a name for their distinct fashion Jewellery, they decided to focus their attention on their true passion ... high end custom-made diamond jewellery.

Offering their very unique and personal, customer service experience, they quickly discovered a gap in the market, launching their flagship boutique in Takapuna. With the unmatched quality and competitive pricing Culét offers its customers, the team set up a design studio and production house in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, where clients can meet with designer Dane Rumble, and discuss details on their bespoke designs. Culet Diamonds Australia offer a nationwide delivery service. We strive for perfection, and see's each job through with the upmost discretion and attention to detail. Book your consultation with us today.


Designer Jewellery

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Designer Jewellery
Designer Jewellery